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Spirit Sculptor

Gregory Marra is a master sculptor and faith healer who lives in Sarasota, FL. Greg is blessed with the gift to clear negative spiritual energies and forces. 


Faith Healer

During Gregg’s energy clearing session, there is a release of negative spiritual energies. The CLEARING includes an in depth reading of what is holding the person back from being successful in the spirit and physical world, as well as a complete scan with and repair and removal of energetic blocks.


Spiritual Cleansing Services

Energy Clearing
Generational Healing
Implant Removal
Spirit Communication
Location Cleansing
Remote Sessions

Spiritual & Energy Cleansing


During Greg’s energy clearing session, there is a release of negative spiritual energies. The CLEARING includes an in depth reading of what is holding the person back from being successful in the spirit and physical world, as well as a complete scan with and repair and removal of energetic blocks. (20-30 mins)

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Home/Location Cleansing


Many homes and dwellings have an energetic imprint of past events that can manifest in several ways.  During this session, Greg can help remove negative entities from a location and infuse the area with positive protective energy (30-45 mins)

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Generational Karma Clearing


Each of us has a soul imprint from our past lives as well as our ancestors/cultures.  This energy is also part of our DNA.  In this session, Greg clears our past karma and reveals the root cause of our repeated patterns of subconscious negative behavior.  (45-60 mins)

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Removing Alien Implants With Greg Marra, Don Prohaska & Bubba 


Greg Marra is a miracle worker, after he cleared me of all my demons I felt better than I ever had. I am much more focus, optimistic, and no longer feel overwhelmed about my circumstances, and best of all I have two angels guarding me at all times. I am so grateful to the universe to have found Greg.   


It was a quick but powerful experience. He cleared me of the heart and third eye implant as well as an alien torture device. This created negative self-talk as well as twisted how I felt about my relationships with people. I was also being used by the dark energies to prey on others energetically.  I have been doing my own implant clearings for the past year but I had hit a stagnant place and was finding it hard to pull myself out of it. I had felt disabled in the heart center after what I felt was some type of energetic abduction. Most likely due to the removals I had already done, I only came in at about 90% affected by the negative forces around me. He told me he had a hard time talking to me in the beginning due to a negative vortex that was affecting my energy at about 200%. I can attest to that because I had a hard time hearing him at certain points in the beginning, but after he cleared it I had no trouble hearing him. I felt the upward spin of energy when he installed a positive vortex within me and tingles throughout my body when he cleared my home and installed a positive vortex in each room. He helped me to release the dark cloud of energy that I’ve felt around me most of my life. I never had an origin for it. I don’t feel it anymore. I feel lighter, and my body is vibrating higher. I step forward from this with clearer energy and lots to do in the future. Reprogramming myself to work from love, positivity, and play is my next focus. I truly feel he helped to clear the slate enough to help me get started on the right foot. I recommend scheduling a session with this beautiful being. I’m sure you will come away from it feeling better than before. Thank you Greg Marra, infinite love and blessings to you and your path.    

~Theresa D.

I am writing a testimonial to support Mr. Greg Marra as an energy healer. Greg is clearly a multi talented individual who has a scientifically documented ability to heal. I have witnessed this on a personal and clinical level.  I look forward to Greg's new practice and I will continue to support him as a member of my clinical outsource team.   

~ Bino Rucker, M.D.     

Thank you so much for clearing myself and the location I'm currently living at.  After you cleared the homeI could not believe how much brighter and lighter it became. I had all of the lights in the room on however once you cleared out the vortexes and negativity I looked around and the entire room had a warm glow and was so much lighter and brighter. I too feel incredibly lighter and more positive about my situation and location.  Thank you!!! This was definitely much needed and so relieved. Thank you for all you do! You rock!


Being a lightworker it is terrible to have ones light completely turned off by mundane life and survival issues. Years ago I could feel my heart chakra and my aura. But it wasn’t till my session with Gregg that I suddenly remembered what that was like. The moment he made the first clearing of negative entities, I could feel the negative energy clearing quite dramatically. And as he worked, I felt more and more light. My aura is shining again. I can feel my heart, and even Gregg at the other end of the Skype session could see it and feel it. I feel relieved, and I feel great. For the first time in a long time, I can feel myself. And that is the best way to move forward into life. Thank you very much. Bless you.


Thank you so much for today, I feel so much lighter, its an awesome feeling, I can't thank you enough.
It makes so much sense now I know its my home, everthing is clicking into place.
Lots of love!


Hi Greg, I discovered you last night. I actually have no idea how I clicked on the button "message". It just opened and I was like " okey whatever it was want me to write you okeeeeey I doooo"seriously no joke. So OK I decide to share what happened last night. I had an idea to ask your spirit crew(I think it was them or maybe other angels and spirit guides of love and light. I felt a close connection after checking out your work) to release dark entities from me and my husband. I felt release of coolness in my solar plexus which went also up into my chest.  This morning I felt different in a good way. My husband had headache and doesn't believe that it might come from my last night doings. Says I am crazy anyway since I also was able to tune in and release peoples past life traumas in past. So last night experience was pretty cool and new to me. Thanks for doing what you do  and your sculptures are amazing  am crazy for everything artistic and spiritual work. Much love to you. You are a great person and man.


I am honored and proud to share my experiences with Greg. He is an amazing guy, warm generous and extremely funny.  He has literally changed my world, he did a spiritual and energy clearing of my home. I live in the North of France and as you can imagine my home was built on sad place.  I was always very tired and the energy in home used to feel heavy. After my session with Greg, I can see that my home is lighter and has changed to a beautiful warm peach hue. I feel safe and more relaxed than I could have ever imagined possible.  He also did a energetic clearing, I am less anxious and full of positivity... I thank you Greg, I feel that I have not only met a wonderful person. But he feels like family to me.  With love and angelic blessing to all who read this.  Thank you Greg, I feel like you are a brother that I never knew I had.


Before & After Clearing with EPI-GDV Electro-Photonic Imaging

During Gregg’s energy clearing session, there is a release of negative spiritual energies. The CLEARING includes an in depth reading of what is holding the person back from being successful in the spirit and physical world, as well as a complete scan with and repair and removal of energetic blocks.   

How can we measure the results of the clearing? These energies can be potentially analyzed through EPI-GDV Electro-Photonic Imagine through Gaseous Discharge Visualization. Direct changes in human energetic field (aura) can be observed in the Gaseous Discharge Visualization device that measures electromagnetic radiation by analyzing the fingertips. The glow is captured and recorded by a camera and analyzed by a computer.    The results shown below are the distribution of the energy fields as related to the brain hemispheres and organ function.

In the before baseline images of the two people who had remote healing sessions (via skype 3000 miles away), the red and blue lines clearly have asymmetrical overlaps. The red line represents psychological energy and the blue line represents physical energy. When the lines are not overlapping, this means a disharmony and imbalance of psychological and physical energies.

"After the energy clearings were performed, new GDV readings were taken. The results show an almost complete and perfect overlap of the blue and red lines. So, the healings led to an impressive harmonious coherence of psychological and physical energies in both subjects.  As a researcher, I can say that some changes happen before and after. These changes were towards an improvement of the energy flow between the organs as can be seen by an improvement in the smoothness of the edges of the glows comparing before and after for both subjects. The symmetry, coherence and roundness of the Diagram results after the session indicate an improvement in the flow between the organs, meridians and chakras.
~ Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D. and Research Director Psy-Tek Laboratories and teaching faculty at Quantum University.       

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